Vintage retro Orange CAROMA stool

Vintage retro Orange CAROMA stool

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CAROMA is a company which has gained a reputation for the innovative use of plastics

The design, which was probably the largest piece of injection moulded plastic in Australia when it was introduced in 1967, was selected for the Australian Design Index and the ‘Good Design’ label  

An Adelaide South Australian innovation designed by Charles Rothauser and Bruce Thompson 

The stool is moulded in two sections which lock at the centre

It is manufactured in 12 colours 

7 available colours

dark blue light blue yellow orange red black white available 

depth 30.5cm


I love its simplicity and functionality

The stool is made of a lightweight plastic but because of its ingenious design it can support a relatively heavy load 

This product has not only enjoyed enormous success in the Australian market but also in overseas markets, principally in the Pacific and Caribbean