Vintage Industrial Interiors - it's more than just a trend

JET is a vintage Industrial and iconic design online homewares store selling hand picked pieces from around the globe. If you're looking for something unique that you won't find in other stores this is your place to shop

Most of our pieces have been imported from Europe and are selected for their individuality, style and quality

It has often been said to me "there's nowhere else selling pieces like this in Adelaide" We have a shopfront that we are more than happy to open 7 days a week by appointment for closer inspection prior to purchase if desired

We are not about "Industrial style", or "in the style of". Each piece is an authentic vintage, and sometimes antique, piece of furniture or lighting featuring raw materials like weathered timber, concrete and metal which can transform your home decor and coexist effortlessly with modern contemporary pieces

 Vintage industrial metal cabinets and large railroadiana metal signs


Industrial chairs, industrial lighting and antique bread boards 


Low coffee tables repurposed from industrial railway trolleys


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